Leak Detection Alarms

HIKVision – AX-PRO Wireless Water Leak Detector

Leak Detection Alarms

HIKVision – AX-PRO Wireless Water Leak Detector

Leak Detection Alarms

Rest-A-Sured Security is a leading provider of leak detection alarms, featuring systems from  manufacturers such as HIKVision, Dahua, Tecom, and Ajax.

We offer solutions engineered to enhance the safety and integrity of your premises. Our portfolio includes cutting edge technologies that ensure precise and timely detection of leaks, safeguarding against potential damage and maintaining operational continuity.

By leveraging industry leading expertise and innovative products, we equip our clients with the tools necessary for proactive security management.

Fuji Tecom – Digital Quatro Correlator LC-5000

The Fuji Digital Quatro Correlator LC-5000 features four pre-amplifiers allowing for simultaneous correlations on six routes, displayed on one screen. This device offers precise leak detection with stable detection accuracy and extensive wireless communication capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous correlation on 6 routes
  • Multi-directional approach with 4 sensors
  • Logger mode for data analysis
  • Recalculation of leakage data with updated pipe information
Fuji Tecom – Digital Quatro Correlator LC-5000

HIKVision – AX-PRO Wireless Water Leak Detector

The HIKVision AX-PRO Wireless Water Leak Detector is designed for indoor use and integrates seamlessly with HIKVision AX-PRO panels, controlled remotely via a mobile app.

Key Features:

  • IP66 weather resistance
  • Up to 3 years battery life
  • Tri-X transmission technology
  • AES-128 encryption for security
HIKVision – AX-PRO Wireless Water Leak Detector

Dahua – Alarm Wireless Water Leak Detector ARD912-W2(868)

The Dahua ARD912-W2(868) features adjustable sensitivity and a powerful battery, making it an effective solution for leak detection.

Key Features:

  • Dual communication channels
  • Communication up to 1,200 m
  • Easy installation and low power consumption
Dahua – Alarm Wireless Water Leak Detector ARD912-W2(868)

Ajax – LeaksProtect Jeweller

The Ajax LeaksProtect Jeweller ensures rapid response and extensive communication capabilities, compatible with all Ajax hubs.

Key Features:

  • Communication range up to 1,300 m
  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • IP65 protection class
  • Comprehensive anti-sabotage measures
Leak detector

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the detectors be used in various environments?

Yes, they are suitable for both residential and commercial settings.


What is the battery life of these detectors?

Battery life ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on the model.


Are you able to install the leak detector alarm once we have purchased it?

Yes, we do the whole installation for you.

I have a leak but can’t find it. Can you Recommend a Perth Leak Detection Service?

Yes, we wholeheartedly recommend Wizard Leak Detection as Perth’s leading leak detection service. Call them on 0447831506 or visit their website at https://www.wizardleakdetection.com.au/our-services/

What security features do these water leak detectors have?

Security features include AES-128 encryption, jamming detection, and tamper resistance.


Can the detectors operate through physical obstructions?

Yes, certain models are designed to communicate effectively through obstacles.


What support does Rest-A-Sured Security provide?

We offer a product warranty on detectors and customer support.

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