Security Brands at Rest-A-Sured Security

Security Brands at Rest-A-Sured Security

Trusted Security Brands at Rest-A-Sured Security

At Rest-A-Sured Security, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of safety and security solutions. We collaborate with the best brands in the security industry, ensuring our systems are versatile, robust, and equipped with the latest technology.

Here is an overview of the brands we trust and the types of security solutions they provide:

Security Brands

Inner Range

  • Offers advanced integrated security solutions, including the intuitive Integriti and cost-effective Inception systems, known for their scalability and comprehensive security management features.


  • Known for the Challenger series, Tecom provides sophisticated security systems designed for commercial applications, supporting integrated access control and intrusion detection.


  • Delivers high-end video security solutions that seamlessly integrate with access control systems, ensuring top-tier security surveillance and data management.


  • Specializes in video management software that integrates with access control systems, providing flexible, powerful security solutions across a wide range of applications.


  • Renowned for its intercom systems that include video and audio solutions with access control capabilities, ideal for residential and commercial buildings.


  • Offers video and audio intercom systems with integrated access control solutions, enhancing building communication and security.


  • A leader in electronic security, offering alarm systems that integrate seamlessly with access control technologies for residential and commercial settings.

DAS (Direct Alarm Supplies)

  • Provides a variety of security products, including alarms and access control systems tailored for robust commercial and residential security.


  • Part of the Honeywell family, Ademco is well-regarded for its innovative and reliable security and access control solutions.


  • Offers a broad range of security products, from intrusion detection systems to comprehensive access control solutions, known for their reliability and integration capabilities.


  • Global leader in video surveillance products and solutions, including advanced access control systems for a comprehensive security setup.


  • Specializes in video-centric smart IoT solutions and service providers, including sophisticated access control systems.


  • Provides a full line of security products, including IP video surveillance and access control systems known for their quality and innovation.


  • Offers innovative and customizable security solutions, including alarm systems that integrate with access control technologies.


  • Known for smart security systems that combine sleek design with robust access control and alarm capabilities.


  • Specializes in communication and security systems that integrate access control solutions for enhanced building security.


  • A leading manufacturer of electronic security products, including alarm systems that feature access control integration.


  • Offers a wide range of security products, from alarm systems to video surveillance, all integrated with advanced access control technology.


  • Provides enterprise security solutions that combine intelligent, plug-and-play video surveillance with access control.


  • Designed by Inner Range, this advanced security system offers sophisticated access control options and integration capabilities.


  • Specializes in high-quality surveillance solutions, including video management systems that integrate with access control systems.


  • Known for its range of detection systems that can be integrated with access control for enhanced perimeter security.


  • Offers reliable surveillance systems that are cost-effective and can be integrated with access control solutions.


  • Provides IP-based surveillance products, including network cameras and access control solutions that are smart and scalable.


  • A leading company in IP intercoms that offer a comprehensive access control system, including audio and video management.

System Sensor

  • Specializes in fire detection and alarm systems that integrate with security and access control systems for comprehensive protection.


  • Known for its networked devices and enterprise systems that include access control solutions as part of a broader network management system.


  • Offers wireless sensor networks for security applications, which can be integrated with access control systems for enhanced security monitoring.


  • While primarily known for its computers, Dell offers network-related products that support the infrastructure of access control systems.


  • Provides robust networking solutions that support the integration and management of access control systems in large-scale deployments.


  • Known for power management, Eaton also provides technologies that can integrate with access control systems to ensure uninterrupted security operations.


  • Offers computing technologies that support the infrastructure necessary for running sophisticated access control systems.


  • Provides cutting-edge security products including intruder alarms and security systems with options for access control integration.


  • Offers a range of electronic products, including security cameras and access control solutions, known for their technological innovation.


  • Specializes in networking products that provide the backbone for access control systems and other security solutions.


  • Offers advanced security and access control solutions, known for their reliability and ease of use in various applications.

FSH (Fire Safety Hub)

  • Provides fire safety and security products, including devices that integrate with access control systems for comprehensive safety solutions.


  • Known for wireless lock technology that integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems to extend their capabilities.


  • Specializes in smart access solutions, including electronic locks and access systems that provide secure, seamless access control.


  • Known for mechanical and electronic locks that integrate with access control systems to provide enhanced security.


  • Offers flexible, smart access solutions that are easy to manage and integrate with other security systems.


  • Specializes in remote control systems that can be used to enhance access control setups, providing additional convenience and security.


  • Offers integrated security solutions, including access control systems designed for reliability and performance.


    • Provides innovative security and surveillance solutions, with systems that include advanced access control features.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What sets Rest-A-Sured Security apart from other security service providers?

    Our unique advantage lies in our exclusive partnerships with top security brands, ensuring that all our products are of the highest quality and reliability. Combined with our tailored approach to meet specific customer needs, we offer unmatched expertise and comprehensive solutions.


    Can Rest-A-Sured Security provide solutions for both indoor and outdoor security needs?

    Yes, our range of products includes solutions for both indoor and outdoor security setups, ensuring full coverage of your business premises.


    Are the security systems difficult to operate for someone without technical knowledge?

    No, our systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are easy to operate, and our team provides comprehensive training and support to ensure you can manage your security system effectively.

    How does Rest-A-Sured Security ensure the reliability of its security systems?

    We only use products from established, well-researched brands known for their reliability and effectiveness. Each system is rigorously tested before deployment to ensure it meets our high standards.


    What kind of support can I expect after installation?

    We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your systems are running smoothly. This includes regular updates, troubleshooting, and 24/7 customer service for any emergencies.


    How quickly can Rest-A-Sured Security deploy a security system?

    Deployment timelines can vary based on the complexity and scale of your needs. However, we typically initiate the planning process immediately after consultation and strive to complete installations as efficiently as possible, often within a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the project requirements.

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