Security Systems in City Beach

Rest-A-Sured Security, your trusted provider of premier security system solutions in City Beach and surrounding areas. With extensive experience and a commitment to protecting your properties, we offer a wide range of security services tailored to meet diverse needs.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind through robust, reliable, and efficient security measures. Whether for residential or commercial properties, our customised solutions ensure your assets and loved ones are protected 24/7.

Advanced Security Products in City Beach:

  • Access Control: Manage and monitor access to your premises, ensuring only authorised personnel can enter.
  • Intercom Systems: Enhance communication and security with advanced intercom systems.
  • CCTV: Maintain continuous surveillance of your property with our high-definition CCTV systems.
  • Electric Fencing: Effectively deter intruders with our reliable electric fencing solutions.
  • Data Cabling & Fibre Communications: Ensure your security systems are supported by fast and reliable data cabling and fibre communications.

Security Services in City Beach

Security Monitoring:

At Rest-A-Sured Security, your safety is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art security monitoring solutions offer continuous surveillance, ensuring your property is protected at all times.


As the leading provider of security installations in City Beach, Rest-A-Sured Security is dedicated to delivering high-quality and dependable systems. Covering all areas of City Beach, we ensure comprehensive protection for your property.


At Rest-A-Sured Security, we provide tailored residential security solutions designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Our services include intruder alarms and comprehensive CCTV surveillance. 

Security Consulting: 

We provide expert advice and customised solutions from initial assessment to design, installation, and maintenance of your security systems. Our specialists work closely with you to develop a security strategy that aligns with your needs, ensuring optimal protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of security solutions do you offer?

We offer security monitoring, access control, CCTV, intercom systems, electric fencing, and data cabling & fibre communications for residential and commercial properties.

How do you ensure the safety of my home or business?

We conduct thorough assessments, design customised systems, handle installations, and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure continuous protection.

Can you handle security installations in remote areas?

Yes, we specialise in providing high-quality security installations across Regional Western Australia, including remote areas.

What sets you apart from other providers?

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, bespoke solutions, and expertise in both residential and commercial security needs set us apart.

How do I choose the right security system?

Our consulting services assess your needs and recommend the best security system based on property size, security level, and specific concerns.

How do I get started with Rest-A-Sured Security?

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Our security experts will assess your needs and recommend the best solutions for your property.

For more detailed information on our services in City Beach and how we can assist in enhancing your security, please contact us.

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